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Acacia has 2 areas that she currently offers guidance in

Quote from me

“Finishing a book requires your dedication, confidence and persistence. It’s easy to sit down and write one chapter and tell people you’re writing a book. It’s harder to stay motivated and actually finish/publish the book. That’s what I’m here to help you do –remove all the blocks, finish your book, and claim your space as a published Author!” – Acacia

Feedback from Clients

Riikka Rajamaki California

So much gratitude to my amazing book coach, Acacia Lawson! She has helped me do the impossible - get out of my own way and WRITE!!! I could not have done this without her support!

Donna California

Acacia is the real deal. She’s the constant in the storm. She’s the reason I was brave enough to start and finish my book! She holds space like no other and gives you pure, clean energy. Work with her if you want your life to change in the best possible way and to finish your book!! Thank you!

Nicole Texas

Your guidance and your channel are so pure and clean. Thank you for helping me start my book, for activating me in your continued presence, and for always being that light when it gets stormy. Thank you again, Acacia!

Gayle Ohio

I literally would not have been able to ask my partner to move out, become a single mom, and clear my energy blocks to call in the love relationship I desire without Acacia’s guidance and support! Because she helped me activate my internal Divine Union, I no longer am available for people, places, and things that aren’t on the same wavelength as me. Everything in my life has changed for the better! It’s so beautiful and freeing!

Giada London

During my first Divine Union Alignment session, Acacia activated me and I started receiving my mermaid codes. We also healed a past life wound that was stopping me from being open to love in this lifetime. She gave me action steps to heal further and I’m still receiving downloads!! I’m beyond grateful for her and working with her!

Aly Portugal

People don’t want to talk about how corrupted the spiritual space is with everyone saying they’re a love/relationship coach or can get you into Divine Union (when they aren’t even actually in Divine Union!). Acacia actually lives it! She embodies it and I felt that the moment I had my first session with her! She’s magnificent and will activate you!

Book Writing Guidance

Are you ready to unleash your inner knowing to the world? To release your book that you know you have deep in your bones, in your soul, in your dna – the book that is calling you to write, finish and publish?

If this is you, and you are seeking an aligned and embodied guide (not to mention a galactic librarian/protector of sacred libraries in other realms) to assist you on this journey of writing or editing your beloved work of art, your book, I am here for you!

I will move you from idea to the creative/divine flow to publishing your book -> removing blocks and old patterns as well as opening you up to receive more from the universe.

Welcome to book writing in this new era – where we are aligned and thriving! - Acacia

Book Finishing

$ 3000 /Month
  • Program with 2 video calls per month is $3,000 USD per month for a minimum of 3 months (normally 4-6 months long, this includes reading your working draft and giving direction for it as well)

Book Video Course

Do you desire to write your book from the Divine Flow on your own time with minimal help?

Acacia has created her “How to Write Your Book from the Flow” with over 2 hours of video content, pdf’s, tips and motivational guidance for you to stay motivated, connected to the Divine, and to finish writing your book!

She has 2 offerings for the video course – one is simply the course and the other is with 2 – 30 minute sessions with her at any point in your writing journey (to be used within 6 months). The course itself is worth over $5,000 on its own and is offered for only $497 USD.


Video Course

Book Blessings

Book Writing Groups

Acacia offers private book writing group courses (The Book Finishers, Write to Release…) available twice or so per year. Please reach out to her directly with more questions.

Divine Union

Now is the time for your Divine Union to come online!
Divine Union is also known as Hieros Gamos, Sacred Union, and the True Twin Flame Union. Currently, we are seeing more and more of these unions getting called back into their soul missions, back to each other physically, and back into living their Divine purpose on this planet.

If you are interested in aligning with your Divine Union partner, aligning yourself to call in your Divine Counterpart, or simply wishing to balance your own inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine for a more magical and fun-filled life, please contact me.

You are meant for the most sacred, potent romance, for beautiful Divine Love -> your true Divine Union! Because as within, so without. As above, so below. It is time.

To read more about Divine Union, please see my post about Divine Union

About Acacia

Acacia is an author, oil painter, Divine Union Activator and The Book Finishers Coach.

Originally from a small town in Kansas, USA, she went to University in Texas and decided she was meant for the city! After a successful 11 year career in NYC that included being diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression, she heeded the call of her higher self (intuition) to embrace her spiritual gifts and make drastic changes, which led her to Bali and becoming a yoga instructor.

While traveling worldwide, building up businesses and living abroad, Acacia focused on her healing and her own inner Divine Union, and through that inner work, she met her husband; her King. They presently live in Glasgow, UK where they enjoy being foodies, looking at castles and ruins, and hiking the wild, majestic hills around forests and lochs.

She joyfully assists leaders in writing, editing and publishing their books and spearheads ‘The Book Finishers’ online groups. Acacia also guides women into their inner Divine Union and aligning to their physical Divine Counterpart.


Higher Self Meditation

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Acacia's Book Clients

Acacia’s 1:1 clients are publishing their first books left and right! She is proud to share her clients who are streaming from the Divine and creating books for the highest good of the souls on this planet.


Julie had 1 session with Acacia where everything was unblocked and her words started to flow immediately. She finished her book in 9 days (yes, even with running her business, seeing clients, and enjoying time with her family!) flowing directly from the Divine. Her book was #1 on Amazon within the first few days of being released to the public and is making big waves in healing wombs (and hearts) on this planet!

julie author pic


Donna worked with Acacia over the summer to unblock her voice, start believing in her writing abilities, and gain the confidence to share her story. Despite the chaos, upgrades and massive changes in Donna’s life during the writing experience, Donna continued on her book mission and created a motivational book for women making changes in their lives, going through dark nights (ego deaths), and taking a chance on their soul’s calling.

donna author pic

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Coaching by Acacia
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